Outsourced CMO

Help build your team to market-leading capabilities

It is difficult to find seasoned Senior Digital Marketers who can evaluate team performance, help recruit the right talent, or upskill the existing team. Outsourced CMO is the solution.

Two Problems Faced

1. When it comes to finding the right person to fulfil the roles of Head of Paid Search and Web Analytics, business owners like you are often frustrated:
Within the digital marketing realm, the experience of digital campaign managers can vary drastically. Suitably qualified and knowledgeable campaign managers are in high demand. The limited pool of talent results in many people, lacking the comprehensive digital exposure and insights, jostling for a Head of Media position. When it comes to evaluation, mentoring or training staff, they cannot meet industry standards or requirements.

2. Your head of Web Analytics needs to be familiar with the vast amount of information and the range of technology available in the data analytics field. Have the expertise to derive actionable insights from the system the business has chosen. Ability to integrate front-end data analytics to back-end systems. Also, he/she needs to understand the business model to be able to capture and analyse the right data to drive business growth.


One Simple Solution – Outsourced CMO:

For a select group of clients, we offer the services of an acting senior CMO in a leadership capacity. Your Outsourced CMO will deliver remote, part-time support to your team and strategic input to the C-suite marketing executives.

The length of the partnership only needs to be from 6 to 12 months in duration (length depends on the level of skill and self-reliance of your team).

You will receive leading industry advice at a fraction of the cost of fulfilling these two roles.

In his mandate as a digital marketing manager, this CMO will assist your teams to become more self-sufficient. Drive growth for your business by planning and executing your marketing strategy.

He’ll provide training and put procedures in place which will foster good practices to deliver improved results.

This tried-and-trusted method turns ordinary marketers into extraordinary performers.

Choose an agency well versed in the field of Business Intelligence…

It’s a no-brainer. Choose a service that makes sense in terms of value and execution.

Your Outsourced CMO:
  • Has access to the collective resources of a well-established, highly trained team of mathematicians & performance marketers.
  • Has the technical expertise to implement and evaluate your Analytics’ reporting setup.
  • Will oversee projects around integrating analytics with backend systems.
  • Is able to successfully complete the funnel from marketing campaigns to actual revenue.
  • Is underpinned by an agency that is one of the handful of certified Google Analytics 360 Partners in South Africa.

Put your business is in the right hands.

Your Outsourced CMO Will Be Tasked With:

  • Driving and leading your inhouse team.
  • Setting and reviewing the standard quality of work.
  • Hiring and skills assessment for promotion decisions.
  • Setting training objectives and providing mentorship to staff.

Leading The Pack

Ariel Sumeruk is a veteran marketer who has successfully headed two digital agencies. In his capacity as the Managing Director of South Africa’s largest search affiliate, as well as Head of Business intelligence, and the Google Regional Trainer in South Africa, he has trained countless professionals from Campaign Managers to Web Analysts.

Ariel has grown Conversion Science into a Premier Google Partner and Facebook Partner, extending its services into analytic with Google Analytics 360, within the short period of three years.

The agency has an international footprint and serves global clients. Ariel has led teams running PPC campaigns for the likes of Walmart.com, Zapppos.com and Expedia.co.uk.

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