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Paid Social is a powerful platform that allows marketers to target precise audiences not only based on demographics and location information but also interest, behavioural and connection criteria. These platforms are also great for increasing brand and message recognition to a well defined target audience and for generating sales and leads. Unlike boosted posts where the aim is to expand the engagement of your content to your loyal and similar audiences, paid social campaigns can be focused on achieving immediate business objectives:

– E-commerce/Sale Campaigns
– Lead Generation Campaigns
– App Install Campaigns
– Brand Awareness Campaigns
– Traffic campaigns

Social Media Advertising Services:

1. We analyse data from Google Analytics and combine the insights garnered to target audience segments that have the highest intent to achieve your objective.
2. We test creatives and creative types and optimize towards the best performing.
3. In combination with our Audience Uploader API, we can expediate the workflow process and optimize the campaign to achieve the maximum ROI.

Over the years, advertising through Paid Social has expanded into a diverse range of platforms where you can serve your ads to the audiences most relevant to your business. There are many platforms available to service various objectives – these are Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, TikTok and Twitter (to name a few). When used correctly, Paid Social advertising can be very effective in delivering results key to your business success.

Success in Paid Social advertising is founded on 3 core elements:
1. Choosing the right campaign type to suit your business objectives.
2. Ensuring your creative and audience result in the most relevant experience for online consumers.
3. Measuring and optimizing your campaign performance.


Campaign types:
Paid Social offers a variety of campaign types, each one serving a different objective. These range from Reach & Awareness for branding exercises; to Conversion & Product Catalog campaigns for driving sales & revenue; as well as App campaigns for driving app downloads & in-app actions. Choosing the correct campaign type for your business goals is essential for achieving the best results for your budget.


As display channels, Paid Social offers advertisers a variety of ad format options. These range from standard single image banners or videos to engaging carousel ad formats, as well as dynamic ad options for advertisers that don’t have a team of designers at their disposal. This includes the option of using static images to create a video or using one format to fit multiple placement options.

Together, the audiences you choose and the creative you produce need to speak to one another, in order to serve the most relevant message to the audiences you are targeting.


Measurement and optimization
Measuring results and optimizing the campaigns based on performance is a key element in ensuring your media spend is producing the desired outcomes for your business.

  • A key element in measuring campaign performance, is ensuring the correct implementation of the platform tracking pixel, SDK and/or Offline events. This data is crucial in evaluating the efficiency of your media investment.
  • There is also a suite of measurement tools to help you evaluate the impact of advertising on results – these include brand lift tests, conversion lift tests, as well as split tests – all of which provide another set of data for further analysis.
  • Other levers you can utilise to improve or bring about change in your campaign performance include bid strategy changes (relating to optimization events), audience expansion or consolidation, creative alterations or refresh.

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