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YouTube’s reach is comparable these days to a mainstream channel like TV. YouTube video advertising can be used as either a microtargeting channel to influence specific niches or to reach mass audiences. More people are using YouTube to research products and services prior to purchase, making it a powerful tool for purchase consideration. Video ads have also proven to increase ad recall with viewers, reinforcing brand awareness and consideration.


Video & YouTube Advertising Services:

1. We have experience in running large-scale branding campaigns, which have a measurable impact on search volume and brand, recognition, and sentiment.
2. Workflow methodology designed to incorporate learning in a continuous way and improve branding impact from the campaigns.
3. Run highly effective video campaigns to generate sales that rival the cost per order archived in Paid Search Marketing.


YouTube serves as an efficient and effective way to reach your desired audience online, and with the advances in the advertising formats over the years, it has also become a core part of driving leads and sales to businesses in a capturing and creative way. No matter what your goal is or what stage in the buying cycle you are trying to reach users in, there is a format that will work to deliver on your goals.


The first step to choosing the right format to use is having a defined goal. From there, it is easy to determine the right format and bidding strategy to use, as well as how best to measure the effectiveness of your ads.


Goals for Video Campaigns
Sales/Leads – Select this goal to drive conversions from customers who are close to making a purchase decision or to encourage relevant users to express interest by signing up for more information or just provide their contact details.
Website Traffic – Select this goal if you would like to drive visitors to your website
Product and brand consideration – Select this goal if you would like to encourage people to consider your products or brand when researching for similar products
Brand awareness and reach – Select this goal to reach a wide audience with your brand more effectively, with a variety of formats designed to improve brand recognition.

The goal you select will help determine which campaign subtype and creative ad formats to use to best deliver on your goals.

If the goal is brand awareness and reach, you have the options to run skippable in-stream, bumper or ad sequencing with your creative. You can also select outstream ads which target mobile devices or non-skippable instream ads. Bear in mind these are different duration requirements so choose one that is in line with the provided creative.

If the goal is product and brand consideration, you have the option to select influence consideration as a campaign subtype, which allows you to run instream and video discovery formats. You can also run ad sequencing and trueview for shopping under this goal.

If the goal is sales or leads, the system automatically sets drive conversions as a campaign subtype, and you will be able to run in-stream, True-view for Apps as well as True-view shopping.

Bid Strategies
For most video campaigns, the bid strategy is automatically selected for you based on the goal you will have selected for your campaigns. Bid strategies are not universally available across all ad formats.
Awareness and reach campaigns automatically select Target CPM as a bid strategy as this focuses on delivery impressions efficiently to reach more users and meet your goal.
Consideration campaigns automatically select Maximum CPV as a bid strategy, where you pay for views on your video ads instead of impressions.
With campaigns that are optimizing towards leads or sales, you will have the option to select Maximise conversions bid strategy or to set your own Target CPA.

Video Campaign Audiences
There are several audience types that are available for creation and use with video campaigns.
Affinities/Interests – People who have a strong interest in topics relevant to your business.
In-market – Users who are actively researching products or services similar to your business.
Demographics – segmenting your audience based on age, gender or parental status.
Detailed Demographics – Users who share broad traits such as college students or homeowners.
Life Events – Users whose purchase behaviour is changing based on life milestones such as getting married, moving or graduating from college.
Remarketing – Users who have previously interacted with your business via your website or app.
Customer Match – Engaging with users that are part of your first-party data segments across YouTube and partner sites.
Similar audiences – Reach new users with similar characteristics to your existing data segments.
Custom Audiences – Engaging with users as they are making a purchase decision based on the keywords they recently searched on Google.

These can include specific websites, YouTube channels as well as apps that are part of the Google Display Network.
Topics – Targeting your video ads to specific topics across YouTube and the Display Network.

The effectiveness of video campaigns can be measured differently based on the specified goals of the campaign. Below are the ways to potentially measure performance for each different campaign goal.

Brand Awareness and Reach
Unique Reach
Impressions and Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
Brand Lift Survey
Views and Cost per View (CPV)
Consideration Lift (part of brand lift)
Earned Views
Earned Subscribers
Conversion (Action)
Leads or Sales growth
Increase in store visits
Website conversions
App installs and in-app action

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