Digital Media Campaign Managers - Internship at Conversion Science

“Passion is the difference between having a job or having a career.” – Anonymous

We pride ourselves on training excellence, therefore, this is not a fetch-us-coffee type of internship. Rather, it’s for people who are serious about this particular career choice. The programme is perfect for candidates who are willing to work hard and challenge themselves. 

In exchange they receive experience and training that supercharges their careers in digital marketing. 

We have been running our internship for the last 7 years and have trained just under 40 campaign managers. Of these Interns, 90% are still working in the online advertising industry in various positions either within Conversion Science or at other companies. Over 50% of our previous interns are now in senior or management positions in the online industry.

Our Expectations  

We demand much of our interns and expect them to work hard and learn a great deal. The internship period is one year, after which we require all who have completed the year successfully to sign up in a permanent capacity at Conversion Science.

You can look forward to

After an additional two years at Conversion Science, you will be a seasoned campaign manager with skills that will stand you in good stead locally and internationally. After your fourth year, you would have enough exposure to qualify as a highly sought-after senior Campaign Manager and/or Account Manager with sound strategic insight and profound technical knowledge.  

In addition to managing campaigns on the major advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn) plus emerging platforms, you will have the option and opportunity to become a Digital Analytics Specialist. With these skills, you will be able to advise businesses on their digital strategy and be able to evaluate the performance of their campaigns. Able to assess how these businesses’ digital assets contribute to their overall business objectives.