Conversion Science is a certified Google Analytics 360 partner in South Africa, being one of only a few digital marketing agencies to achieve this status Africa, we thought we would describe just what this means for us and the services we offer our clients. We specialize in providing our clients with the best return on investment in their online marketing campaigns on platforms such as Google, Facebook and YouTube. Since becoming Google Analytics 360 (GA360) consultants we are able to provide more in terms of actionable insights and meaningful data. Google Analytics 360 is the premier version of Google Analytics but the benefits that come with it is so much more than that. While there are numerous benefits to switching over to Google Analytics 360, I will be covering some of bigger features that proved beneficial to what we do here at Conversion Science.

Because we rely heavily on the data received from analytics as it provides insight into customer’s wants and needs, we can predict industry trends and patterns etc., it is therefore of great importance that the data we use to make big business decisions is accurate. With Google Analytics 360 you are provided all your data. The standard version (free) of Google Analytics will start showing you sampled data once you cross the hit threshold, what this means is that the data will be based on a subset of visitor data instead of the complete visitor data set. Sampled data lead to discrepancies in the data which can lead to poor decision making.

At Conversion Science we continually optimize campaigns to ensure we achieve the best possible results, for this reason data freshness plays a major role in our ability to do so. With Google Analytics 360 1st-party data is collected, processed and available in reports in 10 – 60 minutes. So with GA360 data is updated every 4 hours, compare that to the standard version which is updated only once a day.

Google Analytics 360Another big feature of Google Analytics 360 is its ability to easily integrate with other Google products under the Google Marketing Platform umbrella as well as with other 3rd party software such as Salesforce and Adobe Analytics. Signing up to Google Analytics 360 automatically gives you access to all products in the Google Marketing Platform, namely:

  • Google Analytics 360 – Plan, measure, and optimize all online marketing activities.
  • Google Audience Centre – Data management platform that helps understand your audience.
  • Google BigQuery – A web service from Google that is used for handling or analyzing big data.
  • Tag Manager 360 – Manage all website tags from a single web interface.
  • Google Optimize 360 – Implement A/B testing, website testing, mobile app testing etc.
  • Display & Video 360 – Manage campaigns across display, video, TV, audio and other channels.
  • Google Data Studio – An easy to use dashboard and reporting tool.

All very powerful tools that work seamlessly together, one feature that has proved to be particularly useful to us is the ability to integrate DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360, this enables us to see DoubleClick metrics right in the Google Analytics interface. Combining these metrics with dimensions from Google Analytics 360 allows for analyzing ad costs and revenue based on visitor activity on your website. Google Analytics 360 naturally integrates with DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Search. This allows for a deeper level of insight and better optimization of campaigns.

Signing up to Google Analytics 360 does come at a cost, that is why many businesses choose to remain with the standard version of Google Analytics, but when working with a team that are experts in the Google Analytics 360 suite and that will be able to provide invaluable findings and actionable insights for your business you will no doubt experience the real potential of Google Analytics 360. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow.