Businesses across the world are finding that the benefits of Google Analytics 360 outweigh the initial time and capital investment. As with any premier service, there is a fee to upgrade from the standard (free) version to the full suite and thus, many enterprises in South Africa have chosen to continue using the former.

But clearer, deeper understanding of your data underpins industry trend predictions and highlights vital patterns. If you’re after insights of this nature, then Google Analytics 360 is the way to go.

Our specialist teams in Kansas City and Cape Town have compiled a quick-read introduction to GA360:

Conversion Science is one of the few digital marketing agencies in South Africa to have achieved the status of Google Analytics 360 Partner.  Previously, we had relied on a thorough understanding of Google Analytics to provide our clients with a better return on investment in their online marketing campaigns. Now, with consulting experience in GA360 under our belts, we’re in a position to compare both services and highlight the benefits of switching over to the premium version. 

And these benefits are numerous.

Here, we’ll cover some GA360’s more prominent features. Those that have proven significant and valuable in the complete and insightful service that we provide at Conversion Science.

You Get the Complete Data Picture

With Google Analytics 360 you are provided with all of your data. The standard version of Google Analytics will start showing you sampled data once you cross the hit threshold. This means that the GA data snapshot is based on a subset of visitor data instead of the complete visitor data set. Sampled data leads to discrepancies flowing from incompleteness. It could in fact be a driver of poor decision making.

You Get that Data RegularlyGoogle Analytics 360

By the same token, data freshness plays a major role in our ability to continually optimize campaigns. With Google Analytics 360 1st-party data is collected, processed and available in reports split into 10 – 60 minute intervals. Thus, data is updated every 4 hours. Now compare this to the standard version which is updated only once a day.

You Get All the Information in One Place

Another big feature of Google Analytics 360 lies in its easy integration with complementary Google Marketing products and with 3rd party software such as Salesforce and Adobe Analytics.

And, when you sign up to Google Analytics 360, you automatically gain access to the entire range of products offered on the Google Marketing Platform. These are:

  • Google Analytics 360 – Plan, measure, and optimize all online marketing activities.
  • Google Audience Centre– Understand your audience via the sleek, super Data management platform.
  • Google BigQuery – Handle or analyse big data using this web service.
  • Tag Manager 360– Manage all website tags from a single web interface.
  • Google Optimize 360 – Implement A/B testing, website testing, mobile app testing etc
  • Display & Video 360– Manage campaigns across display, video, TV, audio and other channels.
  • Google Data Studio– Access a simple yet effective dashboard and reporting tool.

These are very powerful tools that work seamlessly together.

We’ve found the ready integration of DoubleClick and Google Analytics 360 particularly useful!

Imagine seeing DoubleClick metrics right there in your Google Analytics interface.  The combination of these metrics and dimensions with GA360 allows you to analyse ad costs and revenue based on visitor activity on your website. In the same way, Google Analytics 360 works side-by-side with DoubleClick Bid Manager, Campaign Manager, DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Search. It all makes for great insight. 

With Google Analytics 360 you’ll get the advantage that your online business needs to take it into 2020 and beyond.

Still not convinced? Touch base and we will, as ever, show you the proof