Google Analytics Services

“Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts” – Albert Einstein

Whether you’ve opted for the upgraded, multi-stack Google Analytics 360 Suite or you’ve decided that the free version of Google Analytics serves your digital business adequately, it’s crucial that you are deriving the right conclusions from your data.

Few businesses have the luxury of employing a full team of data scientists or statisticians.

The solution is to outsource your data analysis needs to an agency which not only has years of experience in giving its clients the marketing edge with Google Analytics, but is also skilled at the management of the more comprehensive and integrated 360 Suite.

Conversion Science is one of the handful of certified Google Analytics 360 Partners in South Africa. As such, we meet all the criteria and we have extensive domain experience.

We also understand the challenges that you may be facing:  

  • 80% of Google Analytics Setups are not configured correctly leading to the collection of corrupt data.
  • Discrepancies between Campaign data, Google Analytics and actual sales data are frustrating.
  • No alignment between business objectives and the analytics data collected in Google Analytics.
  • Limited ability to interpret and understand analytics data to gain actionable insights.

Our dedicated data team addresses and resolves issues like this for all our new clients.

Why Choose a certified google analytics 360 partner? 

All certified Google Analytics 360 agencies are vetted by Google and meet rigorous standards ensuring that they can provide the expertise that enterprise-level organisations are looking for.  

Upgrading to the Google analytics 360 suite?

Great! You can expect:

  • Fresher data – Google Analytics 360 updates data every 4 hours (the standard version of Google Analytics updates once a day)   
  • Integration – Seamless integration between Google Analytics 360, other Google products and 3rd party tools such as Salesforce or Adobe Analytics.
  • Improved Accuracy – With the standard version of Google Analytics the data you are getting is sampled data. With Google Analytics 360, there is no sampling of data.
  • High Level Supportget expert advice and technical support directly from Google.

the conversion science team

The Conversion Science team is led by Ariel Sumeruk, an SEM veteran with a PhD in theoretical physics, who has a sound understanding of how to utilize the machine learning tools such as automated bidding for clients to ensure peak performance of their campaigns. Our team of highly qualified Google Analytics 360 specialists will:  

  • Ensure that your event & goal settings are configured to align with your objectives.
  • Uncover hidden insights that combine your 1st party data with Google Analytics 360 data.
  • Audit data integrity with comprehensive, continual sanity checks.
  • Augment the data from Google Analytics with AI and machine learning.
  • Provide comprehensive reports that include invaluable findings and actionable insights.

Get the answers you need underpinned by data that you can rely on.  


“As a leading online & retail outlet for performance gear, decisions around inventory are important to us. Common sizes of shoes are often out of stock due to high demand. Our question to Conversion Science was this: What is the impact of out of stock sizes on conversion rates? The Conversion Science analytics team compiled an in-depth report that answered the question with precision! As a result of the keen data insights and myriad of reporting techniques, as well as vigilant campaign management we could proceed in the right direction at the right time and this has paid off.”

Leading Online Retailer