Pay per Click Advertising

Google serves 3.5 Billion Searches Daily – does your business stand out?

An essential part of turning browsers into leads and buyers, is discovering what drives website visitors to commit to that final click. With Google continuously innovating new dynamic algorithms and PPC technologies, Search Engine Marketing is an ever-evolving discipline that needs an expert team.

Understanding audience browsing behaviour allows us to create the ideal environment for conversions to take place, by adjusting elements such as website content, ad copy, keyword management and pricing strategies. We will work with you to design experiments and measurement strategies to continually improve the performance of your campaigns and drive conversion optimisation. These will help you determine the most cost-effective and winning conversion-combination that will result in a maximum ROI.

Our clients work directly with their dedicated Campaign Managers. We focus on results and pride ourselves in high quality work. As experts in the field of PPC, we are able to run our campaigns at an optimal level, and give relevant insights and personal attention to our clients.


PPC Solutions



Facebook Advertising

Dynamic Remarketing

Video (Youtube) Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Google Shopping


Benefits of PPC

Increased ROI on ad spend

Highly targeted traffic

Instant and measurable results

KPI focused

Only pay for results

Test your campaigns

Track success


In-depth analysis and insights

Customised reporting


Elements of PPC

Keyword Research

Keyword Management

Ad copy Creation

Landing Page Optimisation

Website Analysis

Data Analysis

Pricing Strategies

Conversion Optimisation

Customised Reporting