If You’re Not Advertising On Twitter, You Should Be!

Feb 28, 2019 | Paid Social

If You’re Not Advertising On Twitter, You Should Be!

Twitter is known as a social platform, a news service, or even a miniature blog. But how many businesses regard it as being a

powerful marketing resource? Twitter is the perfect medium to spread the digital word about your brand.

With over 500 million Tweets created by an estimated 68 million monthly users, Twitter crafts telling and accurate profiles based on interests, wants and needs. In South Africa there are circa 8 500 000 daily users, each giving off strong signals based on their behaviour on Twitter. This equates to numerous opportunities for advertisers to create ads to target relevant users.

Scale your Audience with Promoted Tweets

Promoted Tweets are no more than normal Tweets with a larger “range” based on how much budget is put behind them. The rationale behind promoting (boosting) a tweet is to allow it an extended reach. A regular tweet has limited exposure owing to the Twitter Algorithms. All Promoted Tweets are clearly labelled “promoted” so that the user is aware that what they are reading is indeed an ad. Marketers who are willing to allocate budget to ensure that their Tweet reaches a wider audience are able to showcase their brand in an impactful, relevant and real-time way

Promoted Tweets can be shown anywhere on Twitter. Users may see them on search pages, timelines and even profiles. They are targeted to relevant audiences based on language, gender, user interests, followers of handles, device. Location and keywords. In addition to this, a marketer may even target email addresses from CRM systems. Or may elect to remarket to existing users. This is a powerful range of possibilities that places content in front of an audience who is likely to engage with it. It’s the beauty of a Promoted Tweet – you can manage costs, leverage messages and align with objectives.

How to use Promoted Tweets to drive app downloads.

Promoted Tweets can be used to drive app installs by attaching an app card to them. The app card not only allows you to showcase your app to users but comes complete with an actionable button which encourages an easy, direct manner of installing the app. Twitter is after all a mobile-first platform and is therefore perfect for promoting app downloads.

If you are running a paid app download campaign, it is critical that Twitter is part of the mix. Not only is it a great medium but will also help you benchmark other paid platforms while allowing you to better spend your budgets across the most profitable channels.

Using Promoted Tweets to Drive Website Traffic and Conversions

Keen to get people to visit and engage with your website, fill out a form, complete an action?   This is where website cards are indispensable.   A website card allows you to feature an image, a URL and a Call-to-action in one potent tweet package. The card is attached to the Promoted tweet and is targeted to the correct audience.  When used in tandem with Conversion Tracking, performance may be measured and insights garnered as to the effectiveness of the tracking

The Twitter Method of Rating Campaigns

Twitter rewards advertisers who are adhering to best practice guidelines. These marketers fall into a high performance category and pay less for their exposure on Twitter.  Furthermore, ads with high engagement are favoured in the auctions. By following best practices and getting high engagements on ads you will be outranking high-bidding competitors

Twitter uses a metric called “Ad Score”. This score determines which ad wins an auction to show an ad to a user.

Total Score = Probability of engagement x Max bid

Probability of engagement comprises the following

  1. User engagement of the current ad
  2. Current users’ historical engagement rate of ads
  3. Account and campaigns performance history.


The importance of website tracking

Tracking has many advantages:

By Installing a website tag and connecting it to your twitter account, you may determine which efforts are yielding the best marketing harvest.

With the tracking tag, you can also take advantage of automated bid strategies to drive conversions.

And, Tracking facilitates the creation of audience lists. Audience lists are based on user behaviour: recording conversions, sign-ups or even grouping users who have systematically visited certain product or brand pages.

Tagging effectively and Accurately

Place a snippet of website tag code on every page of your website.

This can also be done on Google Tag Manager for greater accuracy.

Don’t forget to tag your mobile site, if you have one, as most of the traffic would typically emanate from there.  Also, remember to adjust the window period for conversions based on the sales cycle of an item.

This is just an overview of the ways to get your business noticed on Twitter.  Of course there is much more to it but get started now.  In the digital world, there really is no time like the present. Spread your reach to a wide range of followers, utilise all the options that Twitter’s social ecosystem has to offer and dare we say: Give your brand wings!

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